Vision System

Pattern Recognition and Quality Control


Fig.1: Teach-in of a micropart. The center of the coordinate system was placed at the top left corner.

Fig. 2: Same micropart, found at another position

Fig.3: Teach-in of a micro-gear.

Our Micro Production Systems include video cameras and a Server PC with a vision software for pattern recognition. With this software the position and orientation of an object can be detected and many procedures for quality control are included. The vision PC can read any kind of video signals, also from an Electron Microscope when it offers such a signal.

Vision software and recognized object.

The vision software is able to recognize objects in a 2-dimensional field of view. Pattern recognition algorithms find the contours of objects in the image and quickly identify each objects position and orientation. Klocke Nanotechnik included this vision system into a server software that communicates with the process control software on a client PC by Ethernet:

Server program, offers remote access to the vision system.

The position of the found object is transferred by Ethernet to the client PC responsible for the process control. In the process control software the complete vision system can be remote-controlled easily. Within a sequence of commands the vision system is activated by opening the following window:

Process control sequencer, window of the vision axis.

The camera can be selected by name, as well as the taught object that shall be found.
The fields below allow to select the axes that shall move the object to a selectable look position (the cameras field of view). The "destination" fields describe the target position, where the predefined center of the recognized object shall move to. That's it!

A vision system compatible to our Ethernet based process control system offers pattern recognition and quality control. The input signal is grabbed from video cameras, SEM or FIB pictures.
Products in this application:
  • Cameras, Framegrabber,
  • Vision software,
  • Process Control (Sequencer)
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