Sample Stages

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Fig.1: Small Stage



Fig. 2: XYZ Stage


Fig. 3: XY-Rotation Stage

Standard sample stages of Electron Microscopes are not very precise in positioning. Often the user likes to have something more precise, e.g. for automatic Wafer Probing or sample alignment during e-beam lithography, perhaps after years of using the SEM. The exchange of the sample stage is expensive, perhaps impossible. But adding Nanorobotics modules is easy: Just place them onto the existing sample stage, and we will add a feedthrough and configured cables.

XY - sample stages:

Two Nanorobotics stages fixed onto each other and placed onto the existing sample stage are already a solution. Different versions with stroke between 5 and 50 mm are available as vacuum compatible sample stage including assembly tools, electrical support (cables, connectors, feedthrough), electronics and software.
Fig. 1 shows a very small stage with 5 x 15 mm stroke (1x NMT 05L, 1x NMT 15L). This version is designed to be fixed directly at the pole pieces of the SEM. This configuration avoids that vibrations and creep of the SEM chamber disturb the image.

The stage shown in the following picture uses our high precision linear stages NMT 20-B that can also include position sensors:

All stages except the thin "L"-series can include our Position Measurement System ("PMS") for absolute positioning with a repeatability of better 60 nm in movement direction. A measurement report describing the properties of a typical sample stage is available as download on the right. These stages are so precise that they are used product for e-beam lithography by our OEM customer Raith.

XYZ - sample stages:

When the standard SEM sample stage can be lowered enough a Nanorobotics Z-axis can be added to the XY-stages described above. Fig. 2 shows an XYZ sample stage with 20x20x10 mm3 stroke. All of these stages can include position sensors.

XY-Rotation - sample stages:

Onto theNanorobotics XY-stage a Nanorobotics rotary drive can be placed (see Fig. 3). This device can rotate between 0°and 360° degree, driven by one "Big" Nanomotor. The resolution in movement is better 10 nm leading to an excellent angle resolution.

XYZ-Rotation-Tilt - sample stages:

Onto the XY-stage (and the rotary drive if installed) one or two NMT stages for vertical movement can be installed. One device is sufficient for Z-movement, the second allows to incline the sample.


All modules can be equipped with our Position Measurement System for absolute positioning and automation.


  • 1nm resolution
  • 5-50 mm stroke
  • max. load up to 500 g
  • vacuum compatible
  • absolute positioning
  • complete systems
  • 2 - 5 D.O.F.
  • different sizes
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