Nanorobotics Manipulators

For "every" Microscope


... two in a LEO SEM

... one in a FIB



... incl. PMS, LEO 15xx

... incl. PMS, FEI XL30

...three in a Hitachi 4800II

... for Wafer Probing

...two in a Jeol 6500F

The Electron or Ion Microscope has a wide amplification range, and a manipulator should fit in range and resolution. Therefore an easy to use manipulator has to fulfill a lot of demands:

Target specifications:

1. Cartesian movement of independent axes (important for an easy operation)
2. Absolute positioning vertical axis (in the "blind" direction of a SEM)
3. Optional position sensors also for XY axes, repeatability better 60 nm
4. Small design (to fit in any chamber)
5. Many options to fix tools easily
6. Robust (crash resistant)
7. Movable (by hand or by collisions) without loosing the position information
8. Pure piezo drive from nm to cm stroke (no electro motor coupled with a piezo)
9. Resolution of single Nanometers
10. A real fine positioning stroke of at least 1 micron
11. Vibrations of the whole manipulator below 10 nm
12. Stroke selectable in a range between 5 and 50 mm
13. Modular design to choose size and stroke for each axis
14. Stationary assembly => sample can move independent from manipulator.
15. "Micro-Jackhammer" mode (with e.g. 50 G accelerations) to process material
16. Network Electronics with external intelligence for compatibility with any SEM or FIB

For an effective usage of manipulators a sufficient set of accessory should be available:
17. Secure approach of the sensor/actuator by different probe techniques
18. Force Feedback option including electronics and software
19. A series of different Microgrippers
20. Upgrade to form Wafer Probing Systems
21. Option as Micro Tensile Machine available
22. Option of Vision System for pattern recognition available
23. Plenty expendable items available: Small sensors and actuators including adapters
24. Absolute positioning sample stages (2-5 DOF) available, to form complete systems.
25. Software on three levels: DLL, Manual Control (keypad, force feedback joystic and Automation by Macros & Process Control Sequencer.

Four cartesian Nanorobotics manipulators including position sensors in a ZEISS Supra 35.

In the "Components" area of this Website different kind of manipulators are described. These manipulators are expanded to complete solutions for any kind of existing Electron or Ion Microscope, that has an unused flange available. Each manipulator can be controlled by a Network Controller and a joystick. The individual manipulators vary in some of the properties listed above. Our Nanorobotics manipulators fulfill all requirements 1 - 25 listed above. The absolute positioning features are essential for most of the applications listed on the right.

All manipulators are available as complete system, for example including:

  • Individual vacuum chamber design, assembly systems
  • Cable harness, feedthroughs
  • Electronics, software, (Force Feedback-) joysticks
  • Tip holders, different probe tips, including electrical support
  • Different approach electronics for all kind of probe tips and samples
  • Wafer Probing Equipment
  • Automation systems

We can find a solution for placing cartesian Nanorobotics manipulators into (existing) chambers, even when you think that the chamber is already filled completely with equipment.

A lot of solutions are confidential and we cannot present them. When you need additional information please contact us!

  • Cartesian systems
  • 1 nm resolution
  • 5-20 mm stroke
  • absolute positioning
  • Stationary assembly
  • Automation
  • Wide range of accessories
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