Turnkey solution

by selecting a fitting SEM/FIB

3 Nanorobotics Manipulators inside of a Raith e_LiNE

Nano engineering arrangement

Easy sample exchange and chamber access



SEM turnkey solution from Raith GmbH, Dortmund, Germany:

e_LiNE - the latest generation nano engineering workstation:

Nanotechnology requires interfacing nano-sized matter to the macroscopic world. More and more researchers request integrated instrumentation that combines fabrication, modification, manipulation, inspection and metrology features into a single tool. Raith, with expertise in a large number of high performance electron beam lithography systems, has taken the challenge to provide such an integrated tool: e_LiNE


e_LiNE: Ultra high resolution electron beam lithography and nano engineering workstation

e_LiNE combines uncompromised electron beam lithography performance with electron beam assisted gas chemistry, nano manipulation techniques, and x-ray analytics into a single package capable of a range of “student proof” supervision functions. All e_LiNE options were carefully selected, tested, and implemented to ensure they would not interfere with each other. For secure handling of the various nano engineering tool options, full software control was written directly into the existing Raith software suite, ensuring the highest degree of control and interaction while at the same time, providing easy-to-use and “collision free” operation. The end result is a widely-capable and well integrated tool, enabling users to focus on their scientific research without spending valuable time or resources on one-of-a-kind or self-built instrumentation.

Nano manipulators inside the e_LiNE

Nano manipulation
Nano manipulators are widely used for electrical and mechanical probing. Precise position control of a few nm provides the resolution required to manipulate nano-sized particles.

Nano Sokoban: Manipulator (NMT) removes square of gold with 1micron side length


* The upper text is an extract of the 25th anniversary edition RAITH info, published by Raith September 2005.

  • First define the application
  • Then select the right tools
  • The tools lead to a fitting SEM/FIB
  • e.g. a turnkey system from RAITH GmbH
  • Equipped with 1-4 manipulators
Example applications:
    - Nanomanipulation
    - Automatic Nano-assembly
    - Automatic Wafer Probing
    - Mask Repair,
    - e-beam Lithography, ...
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