The Dimensional SEM/FIB

Topography, Contour, Roughness

Display Industry

Car Industry: wet clutch

DVD Industry: defects

Optical Industry: v-groove

The first real dimensional SEM/FIB: covering the features of profilometers and coordinate measuring machines:

A special Nanorobotics system from Klocke Nanotechnik can expand any SEM or FIB to a "Dimensional SEM/FIB" with Nanometer precision.
The metrology features of a SEM/FIB are expanded to the third dimension by measuring:

  • Sample height
  • Step height
  • Linescans along an axis
  • Linescans along a 3 dimensional path
  • Inner and outer contour
  • 3D surface topography
  • Surface roughness, also along a path
  • 3D-Topography, contour and roughness in holes or at side walls

The resolution of this unique instrument is comparable with that of SPMs. The measurement range is as huge as that of profilometers - but in 3D, not only in 2D.

In a FIB the depth of structures can be determined immediately after producing them with the ion beam of the FIB: as in-situ quality control.

Click on the images on the left to open some examples of combining SEM images with in-situ 3D-metrology.



  • < 1 nm resolution
  • 10-50 mm stroke per axis
  • Height detection
  • Step height measurement
  • Linescan along an axis
  • Linescan along a path
  • Inner and outer contour
  • 3D-Topography
  • Roughness measurements
  • Measurements in holes or at side walls
  • Traceable to standards
  • Plenty of different sensors
  • Several algorithm modules
  • Analysis software modules
  • Combinations with further Nanorobotics Manipulators
Example applications:
    - in-situ 3D Metrology
    - In-process quality control
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