The Dimensional SEM/FIB

Optical Industry: V-grooves for glass fibers



SEM image of V-grooves and quantitative 3D dataset of the same area

The following SEM image shows an array of v-grooves made in silicon within a medium sized area. This image only resolves the sample laterally, without any height or e.g. angle information. The 3D-image generated with the Dimensional SEM of the same are is shown directly in comparison:

SEM image of V-grooves and quantitative 3D dataset of the same area

These quantitative results are traceable to international scale and roughness standards. The following image shows a 3D-view of this dataset:

3D-view of the area where the V-grooves start


With our analysis software it is possible to rush through series of linescans like making slices through the upper 3D image. Each linescan can be analyzed quantitatively, e.g. to determine the angles of the V-grooves or their depth. The series of linescans show how structures are formed. The following set of linescans scaled in [nm] starts in the area of the grooves and ends in the flat area of the sample:

Linescans through the end of the V-groove area


The Dimensional SEM offers traceable 3D topography with nm precision, inner and outer contour measurements as well as roughness detection inside of a SEM/FIB.
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