The Dimensional SEM/FIB

Car Industry: Wet Clutch


A customer from car industry tried to measure small structures in a wet clutch with standard profilometers, optical profilometers and the SEM. None of these measurements could provide a useful quantitative result. Only the Dimensional SEM could deliver profiles and 3D-topography datasets of these structures. These quantitative results are traceable to international scale and roughness standards. The following SEM images show the area of interest but cannot give a height information of these structures:

SEM image of the pattern area and a single imprint field

Next a 3D-scan was performed around one imprint field as identified in the upper right SEM image:

3D-scan around one single imprint field

The quantitative structure information is visible in linescans that can be performed through these structures and deep into the holes:

Single linescan across one of the imprint fields

Only the Dimensional SEM could prove, that within one imprint field each imprint has a different depth. The resolved fine structures offer more information about the production process of the imprint structures and its side effects, like grains around the imprints and material pressed aside.

The Dimensional SEM offers traceable 3D topography data with nm precision, inner and outer contour measurements as well as roughness detection inside of a SEM/FIB.
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