NWC Network Controller

Ethernet Access


Fig.1: Basic Network-Controller

Fig. 2: NWC-Controller with Position Measurement System

Fig. 3: Software control window

The Network Controller is an external controller that drives 4 Nanomotor channels per unit.
The communication from a Client PC is done via Ethernet.

Output drivers are available with +/-35V or +/-45V for different applications.
Digital I/O and Analog I/O are optional.

For closed loop operation a version with a high resolution Position Measurement System (PMS) is available.


Each NWC is equipped with a backplane connector on the backside for support and extended I/O.
The NWC operates in an Ethernet-based network. To connect it to your local network, plug it into a Hub or more preferred into a Switch. It is also connectable directly to a Windows-PC with a patch cable.

The NWC can be controlled with three different levels of software:
  • A DLL for Windows 2000/XP and LabView
  • The standard program NanoControl.EXE
  • A comprehensive but very easy to use Process Control Seqeuncer for automation by "drag and drop", including interface to a vision system.
  • Ethernet communication
  • position measurement system
  • optional digital and analog I/O
  • comfortable software
  • basic
  • with PMS support
Example applications:
- control of all Nanomotor products
Other sources of information:
  • on request
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