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Fig. 1: Nanomotor®

Fig 2.: Nanomotor

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Centimeter stroke at atomic resolution

The basis of Nanotechnology is micro- or nanopositioning. Piezoelectric crystals achieve high resolution down to the atomic scale. Drawback of this technique is the limited stroke of only a few µm.
This drawback is overcome by the patented Nanomotor: It has a positioning stroke up to some centimeters while operating with atomic resolution and thus builds a bridge over eight orders of magnitude, see its very small dimensions shown in Fig. 1-2.

The Nanomotor is a piezo driven linear motor consisting of a cylindrical housing and a slider with a free axial hole inside. It utilizes a piezo tube for fine positioning and a pulse wave produced by the same piezo tube for coarse movements. Every point of its stroke can be reached with a speed of up to 5 mm/s.

In its free axial hole the Nanomotor can transport a tip, a hose, an electrode, a hypodermic needle or a glass fiber.

The Nanomotor is available in three different versions. The "Small" Nanomotor is half the size of a match stick. It can lift six times of its own mass. The dynamic force of this Nanomotor is so high, that even imprints in diamond surfaces can be produced.

Special versions of the Nanomotor can operate in Ultra High Vacuum, in liquid Helium, even under water or as non-magnetic drives.

The Nanomotor is most comfortably controlled by the NWC - Network Controller. Other electronics to drive the Nanomotor are also available, please ask for information.

For more details see Nanomotor leaflet.


Nanomotor® is registered as trademark by Klocke & Kleindiek Nanotechnologie, Aachen

  • atomic resolution
  • 5-19 mm stroke
  • max. load up to 25 g
  • speed up to 2mm/s
  • ultra high vacuum versions
  • low temperature versions
  • non magnetic versions
  • low-voltage power supply
  • Small
  • Long
  • Big
Example applications:
  • all other Nanorobotics utilize the Nanomotor
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