Universal Tools with 1 Nanometer Resolution

Fig. 1: The Nanomanipulator

Fig. 2: Nanomanipulator and xy-table form a Bioworkbench

Fig. 3: Using two Nanomanipulators to move a glass fiber. Like eating with chopsticks on a very small scale!

Fig. 4: Mini XYZ-manipulator: XYstage plus optional Nanomotor as third axis

Since manipulators are not only components but also part of our Nanorobotics series and sub-units of our systems you can find them in different areas of our Website:

If there is not enough space for a Nanorobotics manipulator you still have two other options:

1. The Nanomanipulator:
The extremely compact Nanomanipulator consists of our Tilting Table and a central Nanomotor® for z movement (pointing upwards or downwards). The tip can be positioned in a range of 5 mm x 5 mm x 15 mm (z). Versions with different size and strength are also available. The resolution is the same as that of the Nanomotor, in the sub-Nanometer range.

A further advantage of this arrangement is its thermal compensation, when the central Nanomotor points downwards. This is also an advantage compared with other kind of tilting manipulators.

2. The mini XYZ-manipulator:
Fig. 4 shows another type of manipulator. A very small xy-stage made out of four Nanomotors moves the "Small" or "Long" Nanomotor for the Z-axis. The whole device fits into a tube with a diameter of 30 mm - including 4 x 4 mm2 stroke! This cartesian manipulator was developed for Low Temperature applications.

  • better 1nm resolution
  • 5 - 15 mm stroke
  • extremely compact
  • vacuum compatible
  • low-voltage  power supply
  • Small (standard)
  • Big (on request)
  • Pencil (on request)
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