The Microgrippers

Handling of Microparts

Fig.1: different grippers

Fig.2: closed gripper

Fig.3: opened gripper

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Fig.4: movie of a gripper moving a fiber

Fig. 5: Movie of a cannula gripper moving a fiber

If our Nanorobotics gripper modules do not fit your needs you should check out the following grippers that work with comparable precision but are not integrated into the modular Nanorobotics system.

Microassembly benefits from a precise gripper. Klocke Nanotechnik has developed a series of different Nanomotor driven grippers operating with one Nanometer resolution. Thus gripping forces can be increased extremely sensitively when gripping a micropart. A resolution down to a few Nanometers is necessary to avoid the microparts snapping out of the gripper since smallest movements cause the forces to increase rapidly.

The gripper structures are produced in our microtechnology network (IVAM) which has great experience in materials and processes. The design of the gripper tips shape can be suited to customers needs.

The grippers can be combined with our positioners and manipulators to form assembly, handling and interconnection stages with many degrees of freedom. All these devices can be controlled by the same electronics and software.

This Micro Gripper is produced by Bartels Mikrotechnik GmbH. Adapted grippers for your applications are available.

The Micro Gripper opens up to 0.6 mm and can grip with a force of about 2 grams. Due to the Nanomotor it has a precision in the sub Nanometer range.

The video sequence in Fig. 4 shows the Nanomotor driving the Micro Gripper. The gripper takes a glass fiber with a diameter of 100 µm and brings it to a defined position for connection to a micro lens.

The movie of Fig. 5 shows the top end of a Cannula Gripper. This tiny structure is included in a Nanomotor, opened with the carrier tube. A second Nanomotor can move this gripper forward.

  • resolution better 1nm
  • 0.6 mm stroke
  • gripping force up to 20 mN
  • object size up to 10 mm
  • different mountings available
  • different tips available
  • vacuum compatible
  • low-voltage  power supply
  • Planar Gripper
  • Cannula Gripper
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