Sensitive Handling with Nanometer Precision

Fig.1: Different NMG-Gripper modules

Fig. 2: Different tips are available

This new series of Microgrippers combines the precision of our normal gripper modules with the modular design of the Nanorobotics product series. The grippers can be combined with NMT positioning modules to form powerful and easily customizable micro assembly facilities. They can easily be attached to NMT tables with very few screws and easily be connected to the electronics by a special plug.


Microassembly benefits from a precise gripper. A resolution better one Nanometer allows to increase gripping forces extremely sensitively when gripping a micropart and avoids that the microparts snap out of the gripper.
The gripper tips shape can be designed to fit exactly to the micropart. The NMG series ends with the gripper structure at the top surface of the housing. So it is possible to move with the gripper directly over a surface, e.g. to put arrays of glass fibers into a hole plate.

  • better 1nm resolution
  • stroke between 0.6 and 1.2 mm
  • gripping force up to 150 mN
  • object size up to 10 mm
  • different sizes available
  • different tips available
  • vacuum compatible
  • low-voltage power supply
  • Small
  • Big
Example applications:
  • Microassembly with Nanorobotics modules
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