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On the right hand side you find all Klocke Nanotechnik publications that are available online. Most of them are also mentioned on the appropriate pages within our internet presence.

Plenty of further descriptions are available on request, please contact us.


Product leaflets:
Nanomotor, data sheet
NMT modules, data sheet
Microgripper, data sheet
Nanomanipulator, data sheet
Comparison of Nanomanipulator and NMT-Manipulator
Measurement Report: SEM sample stages
Measurement Report: SEM Nanorobotics manipulator
e-beam Lithography stage, sold by Raith GmbH Dortmund, Germany
The turnkey solution: Raith e_LiNE SEM with up to 4 Nanorobotics manipulators
The AFM as Tool
Scanning Probe Heads
Micro Production System (described in a paper)
Components of the Micro Production System
Application papers SEM/FIB:
Application paper from TSMC realized by a Wafer Probing Systems from Klocke Nanotechnik
Application paper from NDL: Measurement of Field-emission by Nanomanipulation in a SEM
"Processing Material in Electron Microscopes", Application paper of LEO-ZEISS Oberkochen
"Preparation of TEM-Samples", Fraunhofer Institut für Werkstoffmechanik
"Manipulation of Carbon Nanotubes", Center for Nanotubes & Nanostructured Composites, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea: available on request.
"Tensile testing of nanostructures", Northwestern University
Application papers Microassembly:
"Stressarmes Kleben in der Elektro-Optik", Mikroproduktion 04/2008 (German version)
Force Feedback, Application paper
"Microassembly with Nanometer Resolution - Assembly of Terahertz Frequency Mixers" (KOSMA, University of Cologne)
"Assembly and Calibration with Nanometer-Precision", Spindler & Hoyer OptoLines
Press articles, other publications:
SPIE conference paper: "Nanorobotics for Micro Production Technology", see link "Micro Production System" at product leaflets above.
"Nano- and Biotechnologies in MST", MST-News 99
Nanomotors For Liquid Handling - ("Innovation 8/99)
Other information:
IVAM - List of Members
NanoHand - Micro-nano system for automatic handling of nano-objects


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