Service & Demonstrations

Live Demos, Sample tests, R&D service, ...

Besides producing Nanorobotics we offer a wide range of service and demonstrations:

Live Demonstrations:
Prove our Technology! We offer several different demonstrations in our Demo Labs in Aachen, see links on the right.

Sample testing:
When you are not sure if our Nanorobotics can treat or measure your particular samples we offer these tests as service.

Sample production:
If you need micro production facilities but you are not sure if an investment is necessary to solve your production task, it is possible to test at least parts of the process as service. The development of a Micro Adhesive Bonding process can be included.

System configurations:
If you plan to set up a particular facility, e.g. an in-SEM/FIB manipulation system, a Universal Testing Bench or a Micro Production system we like to support you with consultation and development up to the complete turnkey solution. Our engineering team is well trained in these tasks and can operate in a cost effective way.

OEM product developments:
The integration of our Nanorobotics in third party systems is also part of our development knowledge. The Raith lithography stage is one example therefore.


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