Klocke Nanotechnik in the News

"Some examples from the dwarf kitchen of Dr. Volker Klocke in Aachen"
Scientific American

"With mini machines into new markets: The rod-shaped Nanomotors of this bio - workbench operate so precisely that thereby even viruses might be changed. With the same components also assembly-stages for the handling of glass fibers can be built"

"Precise and strong: This dwarf is suitable not only for electron microscopy, but also for microbiology, optics and medicine"
Bild der Wissenschaft

"Contacts in the micro world: Assembly of smallest components improves... "
VDI Nachrichten

"It can be equipped with tiny tools that split conductive lines in microchips, for example"

"Appearance of the Minimalists"

"Miniature linear motor with Nanometer movements: The Nanomotor opens a wide application field in microsystem, communication and semiconductor technology, as well as in microbiology, and, furthermore, in combination not only with light and electron-, but in particular also with scanning tunneling microscopes."
Blick durch die Wirtschaft



Klocke Nanotechnik on the fair ...

"Engineering in the microcosm: Nanorobotics moves kilograms of weight
The Nanorobotics series developed by Klocke Nanotechnik builds a bridge between nanotechnology and the classical mechanical engineering. These products combine the advantages of both technologies: the backlash free movement with resolution of a millionth of a millimeter and the capability of kilograms of load at centimeters stroke."
Springer, Microsystem Technologies

"Nanorobotics for Micro Production Technology"
VDI Nachrichten, Feinwerk- und Mikrotechnik

"As we presented the first microgripper in 1994 there was nothing to grip with it available. Now we are asked to develop microassembly systems all over the world."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"Toolkits for Nanotechnology"
bmbf Nanotechnology Journal

"Motor moves components extremely precise: With the Nanomotor a NASA group can assemble a complete radio board that is 50 times thinner than a single hair."

"MicroTechnology, Hannover-fair: As a joint activity of a consortium of several partners conducted by Klocke Nanotechnik, a Micro Production Line will demonstrate extremely precise manufacturing steps and will produce demonstrators of microsystems live during the trade fair."


And from our customers:
"Science centre of excellence impresses minister: Science minister Malcolm Wicks described Nottingham as a
"major centre of excellence" for cutting edge technologies and at the forefront of nanotechnology.
Evening Post


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