Micro Production Line

Klocke Nanotechnik on Hannover Fair

On the last Hannover fairs a Micro Production Line presented extremely precise manufacturing steps by producing demonstrators of micro-systems at the booth of the VDMA (Microtechnology hall). This Micro Production Line includes for example:

  • Forming of mechanical and electrical microstructures
    by laser systems (LPKF Laser & Electronics AG)
  • Handling and assembly with Nanometer precision
    by Nanorobotics (Klocke Nanotechnik),
  • Micro adhesive bonding technology (IFAM),
  • Nanopositioning on large areas (LPKF Motion & Control),
  • Process Control Software by "drag and drop" (SH-System),
  • Quality control and Metrology with nano-resolution
    by Inline Inspection (FRT)
  • System integration in a manufacturing line by
    individual cleanrooms and a transport system,
    controlled by a high level process control (IBM-IMSTec).

The Micro Production Line shows these new machines and techniques working together to form new products. The co-operation of these machines is only made possible by a close network of partners, who are able to deliver common solutions.

This line is organized by the VDMA and the Deutsche Messe AG:
Flyer of the Deutsche Messe AG about the Micro Production Line
(PDF file)

Flyer of the VDMA about the Micro Production Line
(PDF file)

The "Small" Micro Production System

We exhibited a Micro Production System which combines many of our Nanorobotics products to assemble microparts fully automated (see pictures).

The setup combines handling with many degrees of freedom, pattern recognition of microparts, assembly and adhesive bonding techniques.

Close-up of the carrier and tools.


You can find more information about the Micro Production System if you click here.


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